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Due Diligence and References
The reference checking and due diligence services of Croghan & Associates are of great benefit to an organization. It is a demanding task for a firm to spend time interviewing references, confirming education, reviewing credit reports, and conducting criminal and background screening. We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report that includes all five elements. Our reference checking services are objective and impartial. The interviewer does not have any preconceived impressions of the candidate and will develop a clear profile of how the reference perceives the individual you will potentially hire. By using the services of our firm, you establish a consistent process for screening employees for your recording keeping purposes. This consistency also guarantees that this essential part of the process is not forgotten or bypassed as a result of time constraints.
We provide you with a detailed report that consists of an exhaustive interview that will illustrate the strengths of the individual and areas of further development of the potential employee. We not only record statements and feedback by the referee but we also ask them to provide specific examples of a time in which the employee performed those tasks, skill etc. in the workplace. Using the services of a third party reference checking service ensures that a high standard of due diligence is achieved, subsequently reducing the risk of wrongful hiring or discrimination litigation.We set a very high standard at Croghan & Associates and have conducted quality employee screening for over 15 years.
Talent Research And Related Performance
Succession planning is a fundamental to a firm’s strategic planning. Planning for a company’s future leaders are achieved both internal and external to that of an organization. The firm identifies and develops its high potential leaders for their next position, yet at the same time must stay current as to the top talent that exists outside of their organization.A company should never be put in a position where they are left exposed should an individual or team of individuals leave the organization. There is always the risk that your high potential leaders could leave your organization, and a well thought out succession plan can alleviate the burden on an organization in this untimely event.To complement your succession plan pertinent to the talent inside your organization, Croghan & Associates will provide you with extensive research that identifies the relevant industry talent for the key positions within your firm. We consider this plan a working document and will provide continuous updates and research as to the top talent outside of your organization on a real-time basis.